The Two Hand Exchange

I frequently get asked about how I came up with the name, The Two Hand Exchange.  I thought I'd formally introduce myself and my company and give you a little insight on what The Two Hand Exchange means.  Giving gifts has always been my love language.  That's why when I came across gift giving traditions, my curiosity was peaked.  I learned early on that when a gift is given to someone special, the giver hands the gift to the receiver with two hands.  The customary response is for the receiver to accept the gift with two outstretched hands.  This exchange between two people signifies a deep connection of respect and gratitude.  I liked the notion of making something with my "two hands" and getting to share it with others.  Whether you are gifting a piece of jewelry to yourself or to another, give it with two hands, a sign of respect and gratitude.  

The arrows in my logo represent the exchange but also something more.  The mission of my business is to make every woman feel beautiful and strong.  I believe that women have combined masculine and feminine energies that create the many facets of our being.  Our masculine energy is bold, strong, and fierce.  Our feminine energy is beautiful, delicate and wild.  The combination of the two is what makes a woman so unique.  All of my jewelry is meant to bring out these aspects of a woman, to make her feel fierce and also delicate and beautiful.  These things can coexist and they are represented through the interchanging arrows, the flow of masculine and feminine energy in one.