How to Set up a Photo Shoot
Photographer Linnea LeBrenton, photographs model, Seinne Flemming  

Photographer Linnea LeBrenton, photographs model, Seinne Flemming  

Setting up a professional photo shoot may sound intimidating, but it's crucial to the success of any brand/blogger or other entrepreneur engaged in social media.  Photographs are what entices people to invest in your product, brand, and your unique style.  Check out the following list to set up your next photo shoot!  

1. Define your products/looks: stick with 10 products/3 looks at a time for a cohesive look book.

2. Define the mood of your shoot

3. Find a model who embodies your mood and attitude.  Reach out on social media to find models in your area or another creative for a reference.

4. Scout a location. This should reflect the mood of your shoot. 

5. Hire a photographer or a friend who is talented with the camera.

6. Find the right light.  I've found that shooting in a shaded area with the sun slightly behind the model will actually achieve better light.  Direct sunlight on your model tends to wash them out. 

7. Spend your time highlighting the details.  Make sure your product is the focus.  As the creative, it's your job to make sure the model, background and other features of the shoot are not competing with your product. If you're a blogger, you should be the focus along with your outfit.  Competing background can cause your readers to miss the details you put into your look.

8. Take a ton of pictures!  Sometimes I have to take hundreds of shots just to get one picture that I like.  Expect that you will need to take a lot of photos.  This is normal, even for professionals.  

9. Bring water and some snacks to keep your crew and yourself hydrated and happy! These shoots can take a few hours and you don't want to have to stop early due to getting hangry!!  

10. Experiment! Take a couple suggestions from the others involved.  Try a different pose or lighting every once in a while.  You never know, that's how I stumble upon some of my greatest shots!  

Now go do it!