I used to think that gemstones were all similar, just different colors.  As I've grown as a jewelry designer, I have developed a great appreciation for the unique qualities of each stone.  Most people who see these stones are instantly drawn to a particular stone and it seems to be for more than just the color.  There is an innate characteristic to each stone that speaks to us at different times in life.  The rose quartz represents romance and the heart.  I find my customers who are developing deep relationships and contemplating marriage fall for the rose quartz.  Or maybe you're a smoky quartz kind of girl.  This stone combats negative energy and pollution (both physical and emotional).  Usually people seeking for a wipe clean of their past and a new beginning choose the allure of the smoky quartz.  

Find your stone.  What speaks to you.  I hope that when you wear this stone, you feel the God-given power and energy that each of these stones hold.  Something that can speak to your innermost core without even saying a word.  

#findyourstone  - each of our pieces is accompanied by a detailed description of each stone.