The Two Hand Exchange Woman is a Woman of Competing Energies:

Strong and Delicate,

Whimsical yet Grounded.

Have you ever found yourself staring in the mirror thinking, "I want to feel strong and confident," when preparing for that important meeting or an interview with your dream job?  

How about, "I feel anxious this morning and I wish I had something that could keep me focused and grounded to tackle the day ahead"?  

I know many of us have wished, "I really want to feel flirty and feminine on my date tonight"!

The Two Hand Exchange prides ourself on helping women find the perfect piece of jewelry for each of our many moods and emotions.  As a woman, you are multi-faceted person whose mix of energies make up the perfect, unique personality that only YOU have! We want to help you find a piece that truly reflects a part of your personality, a stage of life that you're in, or even an emotion and energy that you wish to feel when you put it on.

gemstone necklaces

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layering necklaces

Can't choose just one?  Check out our guide to layering necklaces for a truly bohemian look.